Fees and Charges

Dear Patients,
We have always strived to provide quality service at affordable cost. However our fees have remained unchanged for many years and is now below market average, and with ongoing inflation and growing needs of our staff, we need to adjust our fees in line with current market. New service fees will be effective from January 2022.

Chinese Herbal Medicine
Herbal Therapy Consultation
(Chinese herbs and supplement prices vary per individual product, for further information please contact us.)
$45.00Herbal consultations involve assessment of patient's symptoms, medical history and the body condition to derive a customized herbal formula. Specific diet and lifestyle recommendations may also be prescribed.
Acupuncture - Initial Session with Consultation$85.00Initial acupuncture session includes a consultation and diagnosis before the treatment. The consultation involves assessment of your symptoms, medical history and the body condition to derive a treatment regimen for you.
Acupuncture - Subsequent Session$70.00
Acupuncture & Massage Package$90.00Acupuncture plus 10 minutes Remedial Massage. The price doesn't include the initial consultation fee $15 which is charged on top of the price for the first session only.
Cupping$40.0015 - 20 minutes