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Acupuncture for Sport Injuries

Acupuncture for Sport Injuries at Baolin in Perth and SubiacoFor sports related and muscle and joint injuries, acupuncture works locally right at the site of the problem. Your body basically has the capacity to ‘manufacture’ its own natural pain killers, natural anti-inflammatory and anti-stress hormones. Acupuncture stimulates your body to get that production line moving, thus releasing those natural, in-built body chemical healers, giving you a less pain/more gain sensation.

When we treat sports injuries with acupuncture, according to patient case, we also utilize traditional Chinese medicine external treatment in conjunction with special formulas derived from our clinical experience exclusive to our store.

For more information regarding acupuncture for sport injuries, please call your closest location (Perth clinic: 57/76 Newcastle Street (08) 9228 8828, Subiaco Clinic: 6/1 Sheen Street (08) 9380 4171). Alternatively, you can send us your queries through our online contact page.