How Acupuncture Can Help with Period Pain Symptoms

Acupuncture for Period Pain

Period pain, also known as dysmenorrhoea, refers to the overall discomfort and pain experienced by women during their periods. This is typically described as lower abdomen pain that often lasts two to three days and occurs shortly before or during a menstrual cycle. Women of all ages can experience period pain. However, the younger you are, the more likely you are to get them. Some studies have shown that about 75% of adolescent females and 25–50% of adult females suffer...

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How Acupuncture Helps with Irregular Menstruation

Irregular Menstruation

At some stage in their lives, most women will experience an abnormal menstrual cycle. This includes irregular periods or missed periods. For the average woman, it might not raise any red flags if it happens once or twice. But if an abnormal menstrual cycle occurs on a regular basis, it should be a cause for concern. Irregular menstruation can affect a woman’s daily life and make it difficult to conceive. The treatment options for irregular menstruation varies depending on the...

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