A woman’s body goes through many different hormonal cycles in the course of a lifetime. These changes occur primarily during puberty, pregnancy, and eventually through menopause as a result of normal hormonal fluctuations. A woman’s body is in a constant state of change. Acupuncture for women’s health and Chinese herbal medicine can help to restore hormonal and emotional balance and overall vitality to women during any stage of their journey.

Acupuncture and other modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have been used to help with women’s health for many centuries. During all stages of the life span, acupuncture for women’s health and herbal medicine can help with the ever changing cycles women experience, including:

Menstrual issues

Period pain (dysmenorrhoea), irregular, heavy or absent bleeding (amenorrhoea), endometriosis and polycystic ovary disease. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is helpful for young women’s debilitating symptoms such as period pain, bloating and mood swings.

Fertility and IVF Support

There is some research evidence that acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment may assist in supporting specific fertility treatments such as IVF. There is also broad agreement by Chinese medicine practitioners and other health practitioners about acupuncture as a supporting treatment for IVF


Various issues throughout the different stages of pregnancy, such as morning sickness, sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, anxiety and depression. Western medicine treatment or medications are often inappropriate to use due to the pregnancy. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is a natural alternative.


Night sweats, hot flushes, vaginal dryness, emotional issues and insomnia. Menopause represents a change in female physiological processes. This can result in symptoms such as fatigue, night sweats and irritability.

We recommend patients come in for acupuncture once or twice a week to help with any of these conditions. We may also use Chines herbal medicine for better result. To help regulate period cycle and work on IVF support for fertility, we recommend one treatment a week for three complete period cycles. For more information regarding acupuncture for stress and depression relief please contact us at our Perth or Subiaco clinic (Perth Clinic: 9228 8828; Subiaco Clinic: 9380 4171). Alternatively, you can send us your queries through our online contact page.

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