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Services - Chinese Herbal MedicineChinese medicines and herbs have been used for thousands of years and are recognized for their abilities to improve health, vitality, and life expectancy. The effectiveness of these herbs is continually proven as they are used to restore normal body functions and to treat numerous illnesses. These herbs often have few or no side effects in contrast to commercial drugs.

Differing dramatically from pharmaceutical medicine, Chinese medicine focuses on treating the entire body to promote health. The emotional and spiritual health of a patient, in addition to total wellness, are considered when treating and diagnosing conditions and problems. When illness or disease is present, the condition is considered a symptom of the person being out of balance.

Our TCM practitioners have over 30 years of extensive clinical experience to provide best service and treatment options for your health. She has many past successful treatment cases, as well as unique and exclusive treatment formulas. We also utilize a variety of traditional Chinese medicine external treatment methods (such as fumigate method, umbilical sticking method, reflexology, and acupuncture point application method) to help you on a variety of health problems.

For more information regarding Chinese herbal medicine, please call your closest location (Perth clinic: 57/76 Newcastle Street (08) 9228 8828, Subiaco Clinic: 6/1 Sheen Street (08) 9380 4171). Alternatively, you can send us your queries through our online contact page.