Gan Mai Da Zao Wan


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Wheat & Jujube Combination

Nourishing the heart and tranquilizing, regulating the middle jiao and soothing mental tension; mainly for hysteria manifested as lack of control over acts and emotions, anxiety, frequent yawning, reddish tongue without fur, small and rapid pulse.

Triticum aestivum (seed): 46mg
Glycyrrhiza uralensis (root): 26mg
Zizyphus jujube (fruit): 23mg
Lilium brownie (bulb): 23mg
Albizzia julibrissin (bark): 23mg
Polygonum multifiorum (stem): 18mg
Poria cocos (root): 14mg

Take 8 pills 3 times per day, ½ – 1 hour away from meals with a cup of warm water. Otherwise take as directed by your traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.

200 pills per bottle