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The new facelift – Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture at Baolin in Perth and SubiacoJawline getting a bit saggy? That great sense of humour of yours leaving you with some not-so-funny laugh lines? Furrowed brow making you look like you’re in a perpetual state of grouchiness?

If you’re thinking of getting a little work done on your face, a younger-looking face may lie at the end of some needles – acupuncture needles!

Treatment with cosmetic acupuncture can help in reducing wrinkles. The benefits also include less sagginess, reduction of age spots.

Acupuncture, a form of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is designed to free up chi and meridians in the body and improve blood circulation. By addressing the body as a whole in addition to the face, acupuncture assists the body’s ability to support the “facelift.”

Vivien Wang at Baolin Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Centre specialises in cosmetic acupuncture and has rich experience from her routine clinic work. Vivien graduated from Shanghai TCM University and have been working in the TCM field for over 15 years. Currently, she is also a lecturer in acupuncture and Chinese medicine at Endeavor Collage. You can claim rebate from your private insurance for cosmetic acupuncture treatments with Vivien.

For more information regarding cosmetic acupuncture, please call your closest location (Perth clinic: 57/76 Newcastle Street (08) 9228 8828, Subiaco Clinic: 6/1 Sheen Street (08) 9380 4171). Alternatively, you can send us your queries through our online contact page.